Children's Orthodontic Treatment

The first orthodontic estimate should be at the age of seven years. If and when necessary, a "first phase" of orthodontic treatment lasts for a maximum of one year, usually with mobile mechanisms and not with brackets that stick to the teeth.

Goal of the first phase of treatment is to correct functional problems that may be related to skeletal problems in the future as well as problems of settling of permanent teeth on the dental barrier. The first phase of treatment is "preventive orthodontics" that resolves problems that would be more difficult and worse after permanent teeth rising. Thus, the second phase of treatment, if necessary, becomes faster, easier and less costly.

We should brear in mind that behind beautiful smiles with absolutely straight teeth very serious functional orthodontic problems may be 'hidden'!

Teens Orthodontic Treatment

Teens are the largest group of orthodontic patients, covering 60-70% of patients. The appropriate time for the onset of orthodontic treatment of adolescents is just before last teeth' apoptosis, approximately at the age of 11-12.

Orthodontic treatment of adolescents involves welding of fixed mechanisms to all permanent teeth in order to settle them in the most functional and aesthetic position in relation to both smile and face profile. Patient collaboration both during the treatment and during the retention phase of the therapeutic effect is considered necessary to achieve the best possible result in the shortest possible time and to maintain the therapeutic effect over the long term.

Orthodontic treatment and proper tooth positioning combined with very good oral hygiene are the best guarantee for both the longevity of the teeth and the quality of life of the individual.

Orthodontics for Adults

The misconception that orthodontic treatment is only indicated for children and adolescents in the past,  is no longer true. Adults may also look forward to a beautiful and healthy smile with the help of orthodontics if the teeth are supported by a healthy periodontium.

Today, more and more adults trust orthodontists, accounting for 20-25% of orthodontic patients.

Adult orthodontic treatment, in addition to improving aesthetics of smile, aims also at:

  • improving teeth position to eliminate dental plaque growth environments and prevention of caries, gingivitis and periodontal disease

  • arranging teeth in the appropriate position before prosthetic or implant recovery

  • recurrence of orthodontic treatment after years either due to relapse or unfulfilled result

  • treatment of intense skeletal imbalances with the contribution of other specialties in dentistry

  • moving the teeth to prevent permanent damage to the chewing surface of teeth due to over-closing

Highest aesthetics of orthodontic mechanisms using either transparent hooks, or transparent splints, or lingual lobes. With the help of modern invisible techniques, the aesthetics during orthodontic treatment has improved significantly.

Microimplants - TADS

TADs-Temporary Anchorage Devices are mini titanium screws - totally biocompatible - that are placed in case increased support for teeth movement is required.

mikroemfitevmata orthodontiki tzamalas

TADs look and function similarly to a typical self-tapping screw. Doctors are able to place the screws in the bone between teeth or in the roof of the mouth to achieve an angle of force that teeth cannot provide. TADs are used to anchor a spring or connect to a tooth.

TADs insertion is performed by a Specialist Orthodontist with mild anesthesia with no trauma.

TADs remain at the oral cavity for as long as they are needed. Removing TADs is painless and no anesthetics are usually needed.

6 Month Smile Orthodontic Makeover

……for a great smile.

This type of treatment is provided by a Specialist Orthodontist and not a dentist.

Many adults spend their entire life hiding their smile.

They feel trapped because they do not want to wear metal braces for years and think that other types of treatment are lengthy and costly.

Now there is a new technique called "6 Month Smile Orthodontic Makeover", widespread in London's West End.

orthodontikos 6months smilemakeover

It is a revolutionary combination of modern orthodontic materials and scientific thinking. This technique uses special orthodontic braces to handle mild orthodontic problems in just 6 months.

"6 Month Orthodontic Makeover" is a new way to get the perfect smile, focusing mainly on correcting the position of the anterior teeth that characterize your smile.

Combination of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics

In cases of severe skeletal imbalance, when growth has been practically stopped (usually at age 18 years) a combination of orthodontic and maxillo-surgery is applied.

Orthodontic treatment prepares the teeth to their correct positions in the jaws while maxillary surgery corrects jaw position and junction, contributing to the dramatic improvement of facial aesthetics and restoration of the functional condition of the teeth.

Where we are

  • Kleopatra - Xenia Kyparissidou, Vrilissia
    "I decided at an older age ( 41 years old) to start orthodontic treatment , when realized that I was avoiding looking at my teeth on the mirror. My case was quite difficult, cause my teeth were extremely crowded and affected by periodontitis, and I was extremely scared of visiting the orthodontist. I will never forget Dr. Tzamalas' first words on the phone " The most important thing is to pass through the surgery's door".   And indeed, I passed through that door and everything happened quickly and pleasantly. " In a year's time you will get straight teeth without any extractions". And exactly after a year my smile was completely transformed. Most importantly throughout the treatment Dr. Tzamalas was available at all times for any questions I had or any urgent adjustments needed to be done,  and all that in a brand modern and super clean practice. Kosta I can not thank you enough!!!"  
  • Vasilis Theodorou, 13 years old, Metamorphosis
    "I feel great with my new smile. I had gaps among my teeth and my jaws did not close properly. My therapy plan included mobile mechanisms and then invisible braces. My whole treatment was much shorter than I expected. Everyone at Athens Orthodontics practice was really friendly while Dr. Tzamalas was always there to answer any question I had. I have already recommended my orthodontist to my friends and relatives. Thank you all at Athens Orthodontics for my perfect smile!"
  • Christina Kasimatis, 31 years old, Vrilissia
    "Before I visit the Orthodontist, I was really hesitant at wearing braces especially due to my age and mainly for aesthetic reasons. The time, though, I visited Dr Tzamalas and talked about it, I was really happy to find out that he is an excellent professional and an exceptional person. I finally got the right decision. The whole process was painless and the time passed by really quickly. At the end, I have a great and healthy denture. Thank you Dr. Tzamalas for giving me this great smile! "