Following, we mention some of the emergencies that are reported during orthodontic treatment along with ways to deal with them. Most of them can be treated during your next orthodontic appointment.

Food is trapped between my brackets!
Though it is not an emergenvy, it makes the patient feel discomfort. You can easily deal with it by brushing your teeth after each meal.
My gums bleed when I brush them!
Bleeding during brishing is an indication of a present inflammation at the mentioned lesion. Bleeding usually means that the mentioned area is not properly cleaned during brushing.
The metal brackets and the small rubber balls came out of position
If a rubber band comes out of position, you will have to stop the bigger ones that your orthodontists have given you to wear. If the metal fastening protrudes and hurts on the rim or cheek, you can push it in place with the tip of a cotton swab or place a silicone wax to eliminate irritation.
I feel pain when chewing after I put the mechanisms
It is normal to feel annoyed for two to three days after the braces or the transparent splints are placed on the teeth. More intense discomfort is normal during meal but it's temporary. It is recommended to consume soft foods and mouthwash with warm saline water. For the first 2 to 3 days, it is advisable to take some simple painkillers such as Depon, Panadol, Apotel and others.
I have sores inside my lips and cheeks

Due to direct contact of metal orthodontic mechanisms with the lips and cheeks, irritation in soft tissues may be caused. This is often annoying for the patient and the solution is a small amount of wax that will protect the area between the metal bracket and mouth. There is no danger if you swallow the wax as it is harmless.
In most cases, the discomfort recedes after a few days after the soft tissue "hardens" and is accustomed to the presence of orthodontic mechanisms.
For effective cleaning, relief and healing acceleration of minor injuries and stimuli you can use one of the following: Piralvex, Unisept or Aloclair.
A bracket has been detached.
If you feel that a bracket has been detached from its position, contact us as soon as possible to plan a visit to our clinic.
If we have given you transgnathic "rubbers", immediately stop using them until you come to our office to reconstitute the orthodontic mechanism.
Α piece of my braces or my orthodontic guard has broken.
Remove it from mouth and call us to schedule a repair visit. If it is your orthodontic guard, do not forget to bring it to our practice.
I lost my orthodontic guard
Contact us immediately to replace it the soonest possible.
I swallowed a piece of my orthodontic mechanisms
That rarely happens. However, you have to remain calm. Possibly it will come through your stomach and then it will be normally removed from your body. However, iff you notice any difficulty in breathing call us the soonest possible.



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  • Kleopatra - Xenia Kyparissidou, Vrilissia
    "I decided at an older age ( 41 years old) to start orthodontic treatment , when realized that I was avoiding looking at my teeth on the mirror. My case was quite difficult, cause my teeth were extremely crowded and affected by periodontitis, and I was extremely scared of visiting the orthodontist. I will never forget Dr. Tzamalas' first words on the phone " The most important thing is to pass through the surgery's door".   And indeed, I passed through that door and everything happened quickly and pleasantly. " In a year's time you will get straight teeth without any extractions". And exactly after a year my smile was completely transformed. Most importantly throughout the treatment Dr. Tzamalas was available at all times for any questions I had or any urgent adjustments needed to be done,  and all that in a brand modern and super clean practice. Kosta I can not thank you enough!!!"  
  • Vasilis Theodorou, 13 years old, Metamorphosis
    "I feel great with my new smile. I had gaps among my teeth and my jaws did not close properly. My therapy plan included mobile mechanisms and then invisible braces. My whole treatment was much shorter than I expected. Everyone at Athens Orthodontics practice was really friendly while Dr. Tzamalas was always there to answer any question I had. I have already recommended my orthodontist to my friends and relatives. Thank you all at Athens Orthodontics for my perfect smile!"
  • Christina Kasimatis, 31 years old, Vrilissia
    "Before I visit the Orthodontist, I was really hesitant at wearing braces especially due to my age and mainly for aesthetic reasons. The time, though, I visited Dr Tzamalas and talked about it, I was really happy to find out that he is an excellent professional and an exceptional person. I finally got the right decision. The whole process was painless and the time passed by really quickly. At the end, I have a great and healthy denture. Thank you Dr. Tzamalas for giving me this great smile! "