Aesthetic Options

Lingual Braces

Jul 21st, 2016

The technique of lingual braces is not so widespread in Greece due to the small number of specialized orthodontists applying it. However, the number of this type of cases is increasing daily.

Dr. Konstantinos Tzamalas is a certified Incognito provider.

Invisible Orthodontics

Jul 21st, 2016

Invisible orthodontics is indicated for specific disharmonies of dental nature.

Invisible orthodontics includes a wide range of splints that may be used throughout food and teeth brushing.

 aorati orthodontiki tzamalas

invisalign tzamalas

The advantage of this technique is that oral health is not obstructed while the splint may be removed whenever it is needed.

Based on each case separately we apply the method of Invisalign or CA Clear Aligner. Credibility of each of the mentioned method is demonstrated by their yearly application throughout the world.

Dr Konstantinos Tzamalas is an Official Scientific Associate of both invisible orthodontic methods Invisalign and CA Clear Aligner. Dr Tzamalas utilizes these methods to straighten your teeth while the invisible splints may be used to correct additional closure problems, based on your treatment plan.

The patient may remove the provided splints in order to eat or brush his/her teeth, while his / her life is not disturbed.

Aesthetic Orthodontics

Jul 21st, 2016

Modern orthodontics offers options that can satisfy even those patients who are particularly worried about their appearance with braces.

Even fixed orthodontic mechanisms may not appear at all if the appropriate materials are selected to ensure transparency and high strength.

Where we are

  • Kleopatra - Xenia Kyparissidou, Vrilissia
    "I decided at an older age ( 41 years old) to start orthodontic treatment , when realized that I was avoiding looking at my teeth on the mirror. My case was quite difficult, cause my teeth were extremely crowded and affected by periodontitis, and I was extremely scared of visiting the orthodontist. I will never forget Dr. Tzamalas' first words on the phone " The most important thing is to pass through the surgery's door".   And indeed, I passed through that door and everything happened quickly and pleasantly. " In a year's time you will get straight teeth without any extractions". And exactly after a year my smile was completely transformed. Most importantly throughout the treatment Dr. Tzamalas was available at all times for any questions I had or any urgent adjustments needed to be done,  and all that in a brand modern and super clean practice. Kosta I can not thank you enough!!!"  
  • Vasilis Theodorou, 13 years old, Metamorphosis
    "I feel great with my new smile. I had gaps among my teeth and my jaws did not close properly. My therapy plan included mobile mechanisms and then invisible braces. My whole treatment was much shorter than I expected. Everyone at Athens Orthodontics practice was really friendly while Dr. Tzamalas was always there to answer any question I had. I have already recommended my orthodontist to my friends and relatives. Thank you all at Athens Orthodontics for my perfect smile!"
  • Christina Kasimatis, 31 years old, Vrilissia
    "Before I visit the Orthodontist, I was really hesitant at wearing braces especially due to my age and mainly for aesthetic reasons. The time, though, I visited Dr Tzamalas and talked about it, I was really happy to find out that he is an excellent professional and an exceptional person. I finally got the right decision. The whole process was painless and the time passed by really quickly. At the end, I have a great and healthy denture. Thank you Dr. Tzamalas for giving me this great smile! "